iPROTECT does much more than monitor credit, it offers a solution as robust as the ones used by the nation’s leading financial institutions to prevent identity theft. With our Unique 3 Step System, iPROTECT builds a complete shield around your identity from beginning to end - leaving nothing to chance.



Our 3 Step System



Live freely knowing we’re searching daily for potential threats to your identity.



If you do become a victim, iPROTECT insurance safeguards against financial losses.



If we find something suspicious, our team works relentlessly to combat potential threats.


Why Do You Need iPROTECT?

There is an identity theft every 3 seconds!


Blog publishers & site owners

15,000,000 people had their identities stolen in 2013


Blog publishers & site owners

33% increase in tax related identity heft in 2013


Blog publishers & site owners

$50 billion in identity theft losses in 2013


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